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The Moon is a dimension of Gamemode 4D. Ghast Bags are needed, along with the Mandala to discover this dimension. The Moon is filled with end stone hills and moon villages.

Details[edit | edit source]

Scattered throughout the Moon are villages that have lootable chests inside buildings. The chests may contain high level enchantments that are not possible in vanilla survival, such as Fortune V. Vex, Vindicator, and Zombie spawners are present within the houses. Lava lakes are also found throughout the hills of the Moon. End Portals can only be found on the Moon.

A permanent Jump Boost IV effect is given while on the Moon.

If wearing an armor piece with the Helios shamir, more armour is needed to "weigh down the player" and prevent the bad effects.

Entering and Leaving[edit | edit source]

To discover the Moon link, use a Ghast Bag to fly up above the build limit (Y=270) in the Aether. After discovering the link, to enter the Moon, go to the very top of the Aether (Y=240 or higher) and use the Mandala. To get back to the Aether, use the Mandala anywhere on the Moon.

Linked Dimensions[edit | edit source]

The Moon is linked to only 1 other dimension. To travel to it use the Mandala at the location below. Additionally, the End can be accessed through this dimension.

Name Link Location Particle
Aether Anywhere Aqua
The End Find 1 of 128 End Portals* (none)

*Not accessible through Mandala; accessed through an End Portal