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Ancient Citadel District[edit | edit source]

ACD is a group on the Gamemode 4 Public Server that is themed around members creating builds that blend in with the environment. The group was established on the fourth public server under the district policy.

Member List[edit | edit source]

The group has three roles that players can have.

Founders[edit | edit source]

  • Compsogbrickus- Encouraged the formation of the group but has become inactive since early PSV
  • TheSneakinSpider- Does much of the day-to-day management of the group
  • Infinitron200- Left the group and Gamemode 4 Public Server shortly before the end of Gamemode 4D

Admin[edit | edit source]

  • PiranhaMan

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Sandur_
  • Thayli_Bigwig

History[edit | edit source]

Starting from Gamemode 4D ACD has had a presence on all public servers. They reached a peak of ~10 active members during the 4D server and have slowly lost members to inactivity and competing groups.

Gamemode 4D[edit | edit source]

ACD was a prominent group; being one of the few districts to be created, and the only to survive the server close. The group was focused around an area called central ACD (cACD) and would build larger projects around this area.

  • participated in Garden themed build competition and won, earning firework launchers at cACD and decoration crates for members.
  • Participated in the war over the fictional resource of bedrock oil in support of extracting it.

Public Server V[edit | edit source]

ACD was rebranded as LCF (Littoral Confederation) for the duration of this server. This included new banners and logos.

Public Server 6[edit | edit source]

ACD returned to the original banners and logo for this server.

  • Participated in the election (still ongoing as of writing)