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This is the user page of Former Wiki-Administrator ToffeeMax.

Other namesToffee
Known forCo-Community Manger of Gamemode 4

Community Manager at Tempest Box

Moderator on Gamemode 4

About ToffeeMax

ToffeeMax is a former wiki administrator, former moderator and former community manager for the Gamemode 4 project. ToffeeMax has been a member of the Gamemode 4 community since Public Server 1.

ToffeeMax is British and lives somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Community Projects

ToffeeMax has been involved with a variety of community projects during his time within the Gamemode 4 community.

What's on Gamemode 4?

Found on blogspot, "What's on Gamemode 4" was aimed to be a source of community generated information and content around the Gamemode 4 project and the public servers. The projected originated from "The 4th Perspective" group, a similar project from Public Server 4 (Gamemode 4D) which had a more satirical nature. The blog started covering news late into Public Server 5 and the beginning of Public Server 6.

TradeMode4 and Shulker Box Central

Originating from Public Server 4 (Gamemode 4D) and a desire to share what trades were on offer. The project was started after the creation of Shulker Box Central, a central shopping area created under the spawn platform at 4D's Spawn Town "Mandala" with a set of rules around size of claims, consistency of stock and quality.

TradeMode4 was created after this due to the spread out of nature 4D's design making travel semi-slow. The system allow users to post what they were selling, wanting to buy. It was also home to a few other projects such as the mapping of nether tunnels on Public Server V (which was later spun off into Spawn Town Cleanup - now LTC or "Littoral Town Cleanup" to be less tethered to server version) and the Modpack Development Team of Tofu on Ice. TradeMode4 did try and implement a trade dispute mechanism to try and stop the devaluation of diamonds, but this was hardly used and was considered a failure - only seeing around 3 usages with no success.

TradeMode4 also created a bounty system to allow players to hunt each other. It saw some early success, however a mixture of rule complications with the base server, difficulty tracking and lack of interest in the later life of the server saw it's success diminish. No other system has been created with such success or scope.

TradeMode4 is now a semi-empty discord server, however does still see some activity.

Gamemode 4 Labs

Toffee was a lab administrator from the early days of the discord. He has overseen some changes such as later Module Competitions, the migration of old channels to a dedicated backup and several reforms to the server.

Gamemode 4 Labs was the home to development and discussion about module design, and allowed for greater focus that then more general Gamemode 4 public Discord.

Gamemode 4 Labs was effectively disbanded due to inactivity.

Contact Information

ToffeeMax is active on twitter and can be found in the Gamemode 4 Public Discord.