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Lush is one of the five overworld dimensions in Gamemode 4D. In this dimension, trees and vines cover the surface, with only coal and iron ore generating underground.


When in this dimension, everything seems brighter and vegetation is more green. Crops (wheat, beetroot, potatoes, and carrots) will spawn in terrain generation around rivers and other bodies of water. The random tick speed is also increased. Wooden blocks, such as wooden planks and stairs, 'rot' in this dimension; after a while, they will pop off as items. Vines can generate randomly on any solid surface, and saplings can self-plant under trees of their type. Fire will not spread or naturally disappear in Lush (Fire Tick is off).

Throughout Lush, various custom structures can be found in each biome, alongside vanilla structures.

Entering and Leaving

To discover the Lush link, stand on wheat seeds while in Upper Caves. After discovering the link, to enter Lush, and use the Mandala anywhere in Upper Caves. After discovering the link, you may reenter the Lush with the Mandala anywhere in Upper Caves. To go back to Upper Caves, use the Mandala at the bottom of Lush (Y=44 or lower).

Linked Dimensions

Lush is linked to 2 other dimensions. To travel to each one, use the Mandala at the locations below.

Dimension Link Location Particle Color
Upper Caves Below Y=45 Gray
Dark Forest Anywhere Bright Purple