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End Fishing
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Module TypeStand Alone
Created byBluePsychoRanger
Compatible MC Versions1.14

This allows players to fish up items in the end void.


Catching Loot

End fishing works by casting a fishing rod into the air while in the end dimension. After falling for a while, the fishing bobber may catch bait and float in mid-air.

Once casted, the player must wait between 5 and 45 seconds for the hook to catch onto some loot. A fishing rod with the Lure enchantment will decrease the wait time by 5 seconds per level of Lure.

After the period of waiting time, purple dragon's breath particles will appear near the bobber and will move towards the bobber. Once the particles reach the bobber, the fishing bobber will bob down briefly and the player will be able to reel in the loot. If the player doesn't reel in the loot, the timer will start again and after another 5-45 seconds, more loot will hook onto the bobber.

Reeling in loot will drop an item or spawn an entity. Additionally, an xp orb with 2-8 xp will spawn at the player's feet.

Reeling in a rod in the end void will cost durability, but can this vary depending on a few factors; see below.

Catchable Loot

An unenchanted fishing rod has an 60% chance of catching common loot, a 33% chance of catching uncommon loot, and a 7% chance of catching rare loot. Each level of the Luck of the Sea enchantment increases the chance of catching rare loot, whilst lowering the chances of uncommon and common loot. End Loot is biome dependent.

Loot Possibilities (Using an unenchanted fishing rod)
Rarity Item Unenchanted Chance
Main End






End Barrens /

Small End Islands

Common Ender Pearl 29.412% 28.302% 16.575% 29.41%
End Stone 14.706% 14.151% 8.287% 14.71%
End Rod 0.588% 8.491% 4.972% 0.59%
Chorus Fruit 2.353% 2.264% 14.586% 2.35%
Chorus Flower 1.176% 1.132% 12.265% 1.18%
Iron Bars 5.882% 0% 0% 0%
Endermite 5.882% 5.660% 3.315% 11.765%
Uncommon End City Treasure 3% 9.340% 9.340% 5.893%
Phantom Membrane 6% 6.226% 6.226% 11.786%
Obsidian 13.5% 0.311% 0.311% 0.589%
Dragon's Breath 6% 0% 0% 0%
Phantom 4.5% 4.670% 4.670% 14.732%
Shulker Shell 0% 12.453% 12.453% 0%
Rare 1.25% 3.944% 3.944% 2.593%
Dragon Head 0.625% 2.629% 2.629% 1.296%
Enderpuff 0.125% 0.394% 0.394% 3.111%
End Crystal 5% 0% 0% 0%
Elytra 0% 0.033% 0.033% 0%


Fishing in the end void can spawn two different entities: endermites and end phantoms. Unless the path is obstructed, Endermites will spawn in near the head of the player and End Phantoms will spawn in front of the player about 1 block away. If the path between the bobber and player is obstructed with blocks that have a hitbox, then the entity will hit the block instead.


Endermites from the end void will drop 0-1 ender pearls when killed. It will drop 3 experience when killed by a player.

End Phantom

End Phantoms are larger than overworld phantoms and have 26 health (opposed to 20 of overworld phantoms). End Phantoms will drop 0-1 phantom membrane and 5 experience when killed by a player. Additionally, End Phantoms have a 2% chance of dropping a broken elytra. The elytra drop chance goes up by 1.5% per Looting level.


Fishing in the end void can yield a new item: the Enderpuff. The Enderpuff can be used to levitate in any dimension and slows the player's fall. Holding the Enderpuf in the mainhand or the offhand will give the player 3 minutes of levitation II. If the player deselects the Enderpuff, the levitation is removed and will refresh until the player has landed on the ground. If the Enderpuff is anywhere in the player's inventory, they will gain slow falling when falling down.

Fishing Rod Durability

Fishing in the end void costs durability. If the player reels in the rod without catching any loot, 1 durability will be used up. If the player reels in the rod and catches loot, 2 durability will be used up. The Unbreaking enchantment will work as normal.

Technical Details

When a bobber catches bait, it will jump down to a space about 1 block lower due to the way Marker Armour Stands work. Once it jumps down, that is where it will stay until reeled in.

When the bobber bobs down, players in a 50 block radius will hear the dragon flap sound.

Sometimes when players reel in their rod, the client will show an incorrect durability value. This is purely client side and relogging will show the true durability.

An Enderpuff will activate Slow Falling only if there are 3 blocks of air (or blocks without a hitbox) below the player.


Advancement Description Requirements
I wonder what's down there? Catch some loot from the end void Fish up something from the end
That's not a fish! Fish up a phantom from the end void Reel in an end phantom

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Version Date Change
1.14 12 Aug 2019 Released on PSV
22 Aug 2019 Released End Fishing