Rope Ladders

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Rope Ladders

Module TypeStand Alone
Created byMichaelMiner137
Compatible MC Versions1.18+

This module allows players to place ladders downwards, similar to scaffolding.


Placing and breaking rope ladders

Placing ladders on a pre-existing ladder block will place a ladder downwards in the air. When looking at a ladder block while holding a ladder item, particles will appear to allow for this downwards placement. Any ladders can act like rope ladders.

Rope ladders (ladders in mid-air) will break if there are no other ladders above them. Breaking a ladder at the top of a rope ladder will break all other rope ladders below, causing the items to appear at the top of the ladder that was broken.


Advancement Requirement
How's It Hanging?
Place a Rope Ladder
Place a ladder on a ladder to create a rope ladder

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Version Date Change
1.18 23 Apr 2022 Released Rope Ladders