Dragon Egg Hatching

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Dragon Egg Hatching

Module TypeStand Alone
Created bySparks and Bloo
Compatible MC Versions1.8

This module allows you to hatch the dragon egg and refight the ender dragon in any dimension.


Hatching the egg requires there to be sky access directly above the egg, if there is a block above the egg, the hatching will fail. To start hatching the egg, trap an endermite on top of the dragon egg. The endermite will disappear and particles will start to appear.

If the egg is being hatched in the overworld, endermites will start to spawn around the egg. Endermites will slow down the process of hatching, while endermen will speed up the hatching process. Additionally, if on top of a lit furnace, the egg will hatch faster. More particles will appear if the egg is close to hatching.

If the egg is moved or broken at any time during the hatching process, the hatching will fail. Once fully hatched, lightning will strike the egg and a new dragon will spawn. Defeating the ender dragon will spawn an end portal at it's location.

The portal will always spawn at Y=64, replacing any blocks above it with air. The portal will teleport the player to the obsidian platform in the End, exactly like a stronghold portal.

Setup for starting the hatching process. Dropping the endermite on the egg will begin start the sequence.

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Version Date Change
1.8 28 Jan 2015 Released Dragon Egg Hatching
19 Mar 2017 Module marked as discontinued