Double Doors

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Double Doors

Module TypeStand Alone
Created byBloo
Compatible MC Versions1.20+

This module adds a quality of life improvement which enables players to open double doors with just a single click. Additionally, trapdoors above doors are opened alongside the door.


A player opens double doors, walks through them, and they close behind.

If a player interacts with a door to open or close it, connected doors (i.e. doors which form a double door) and trapdoors above the door are opened alongside the door that was interacted with. Trapdoors above a door must face the same way as the door and must be opened bottom-half trapdoors, top-half trapdoors are not opened automatically. Up to two trapdoors may be stacked above a door. Only doors or trapdoors of the same wood type count as a double door.

Technical Details

The maximum trapdoor stack height is configurable server-wide via the scoreboard fake player $trap_door_limit in $gm4_double_doors_data. The default value is 2.

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Version Date Change
1.20 12 Aug 2023 Released Double Doors