Command Room

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Command Room

Module TypeStand Alone
Created byAlabrecque
Last Updated byOSX
Compatible MC Versions1.9-1.12

This module adds a room for you to store your modules in.


The Command Room is 50 blocks wide, 50 blocks long and 16 blocks tall. It will spawn at the bottom of the world.

The room itself has a floor made out of sea lanterns, is completely encased in barrier blocks to protect modules from players, and has a Gamemode 4 logo as a ceiling.

When the module is installed, a teleportation button will appear nearby. Activating it will teleport the player into the room. The room also has a teleportation button to teleport to the surface.

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Version Date Change
1.9 18 May 2016 Released Command Room
05 May 2020 Module marked as discontinued