XP Storage

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XP Storage
Xp storage.png
Module TypeStand Alone
Created bySparks
Last Updated byBluefire610, Sparks, SpecialBuilder32
Required Modulesnone
Complementary Modulesnone
Latest MC Version(s)1.13

This module allows players to deposit and withdraw XP with ender chests.

Details[edit | edit source]

Stand on top of an ender chest to deposit experience points (XP), and stand below to claim it back. Players must have a whole XP level in order to deposit XP. If the player sneaks while depositing, all XP up to 50 levels will be deposited. If the player is above 50 levels, the XP will be stored one level at a time until the player reaches 50 levels or less.

Standing on top or below an ender chest, or looking at an ender chest will display how much XP a player has stored.

Technical Summary[edit | edit source]

Any ender chest can be used to store the levels and to claim them. XP storage is exclusive for each player, so players can’t steal other players' XP.

There is no practical limit to the amount of XP that can be stored in an ender chest, apart from the 32 bit integer limit (2,147,483,647).

Learn More and Download[edit | edit source]

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History[edit | edit source]

Date Version Change
1.8 04 Jul 2015 Released XP Storage
18 Apr 2015 Updated to reduce lag
Added missing scoreboard command and fixed for multiplayer
Added Bank Book feature
1.13 22 Dec 2018 Updated for 1.13
Added mass-deposit feature
Added display levels feature
Removed Bank Book Feature; xp stored displays in action bar

Previous Versions[edit | edit source]

MC 1.8 Version[edit | edit source]

In the MC 1.8 Version, players were not able to mass-deposit their xp, and could not see their stored XP while standing above or below, or looking at an ender chest. In this version there was a craftable Bank Book which showed players how much xp they had along with a conversion guide. The Bank Book feature was created by The8BitMonkey.

Bank Book Crafting[edit | edit source]

Item Name Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter)
Bank Book 1x Book and Quill, 1x Eye of Ender Xp storage book recipe.png