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File:Cirvo's pfp.png
OccupationGamemode 4 Player
Years active2018-present
The Atomium during civil twilight (DSCF1135).jpg

About cirvo[edit | edit source]

Hi! I'm cirvo. The guy that always talks about Belgium.

I tried gm4 for the first time on public server 4, but i stopped playing after a couple of weeks (sadly).

Tho in 2019 i saw gm4 on my server list and decided to play it again, and liked it!

Atomium[edit | edit source]

Its PS7 and i decided that i wanted to make the Atomium, if you don't know what the Atomium is, you should.

At the moment (14 June 2021) i haven't build it yet because im in full exams and i should study instead of making this wiki page.

Anyways if your still interested about the Atomium , here is a picture of the Atomium.

Fun fact : there are 9 balls on the Atomium and i said Atomium 7 times.