Phantom Scarecrows

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Phantom Scarecrows
Phantom scarecrows.jpg
Module TypeStand Alone
Created byBluefire610
Compatible MC Versions1.13

This modules adds a scarecrow which shoots down Phantoms using a firework-like projectile.

Details[edit | edit source]

A Phantom Scarecrow can be created by placing a skeleton, wither skeleton, or zombie skull on an armour stand and a chest plate with a curse enchantment (Vanishing or Binding).

When a phantom is in range, the Phantom Scarecrow will release a projectile that searches for the nearest phantom, explodes and kills it. Explosion damage from the projectile also damages nearby phantoms and other entities. If a phantom is detected, a projectile will spawn above the scarecrow and will move towards the closest phantom. If the projectile hits a block on its path to the phantom, the projectile will explode.

Phantom Scarecrow created by Denniss on Public Server V

Technical Summary[edit | edit source]

The scarecrow will check 20 blocks above it in a 25 block radius for phantoms.

When the firework explodes, a random colour is chosen.

When the Phantom Scarecrow is created, all slots are locked to prevent interaction.

The scarecrow shoots a projectile every 4 seconds. The projectile moves at 16 blocks per second.

Below is a list of blocks that projectiles can move through without exploding.

Traversable Blocks
Air Iron Pressure Plate Tripwire
Redstone Torch Golden Pressure Plate Tripwire Hook
Lever Buttons Banners
Stone Pressure Plate Ladder
Wooden Pressure Plates Sign

Advancements[edit | edit source]

Advancement Description Requirement
Not so smart defenses Get hit by a Phantom Scarecrow Be within 3 blocks of a projectile explosion

Learn More and Download[edit | edit source]

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History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Change
1.13 08 Jan 2019 Released Phantom Scarecrows