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New Hope is a town that is part of the Public Server II. It was created by Jonpot and is currently in the process of collecting more and more members.

Joining[edit | edit source]

With such a prestigious reputation, plenty of people want to join New Hope. The process itself is quite simple:

To inquire about becoming a civilian of New Hope (formally a "New Hopian"), please fill out the application form at . You will then be followed by some of the members of New Hope for a couple days to judge whether you are worthy or not. Then, you will be accepted or denied.

Members[edit | edit source]

  1. Jonpot
  2. DuckJr
  3. ALabrecque
  4. RedstonePotato
  5. Bcjc3
  6. Derpikarp__
  7. IndiaSkye
  8. Torbray
  9. Stuffy
  10. Ballerboar
  11. Fyid
  12. Joshverd
  13. MisterBlock11
  14. SkyLegendary
  15. RedstoneSlimeMC
  16. Dragonmaster95
  17. DJ_Fu
  18. ArcaneArcher (Temp Builder)
  19. Laerite
  20. _MoonMun_
  21. DrAwesome_PhD
  22. ToffeeMax
  23. Nickverd
  24. Vhay
  25. TPC Bonehound
  26. Joef2

Geography[edit | edit source]

New Hope is divided into three sections, all with different styles of building and purposes:

The Roofed Forest: Edit[edit | edit source]

The Roofed Forest was the second section to be colonized. Its theme is magical ruins. The original goal of this section was to feature two parts. A ruined city on the surface, featuring many enderchests and enchanting tables. It is planned to have a library in the future. The second part of the Roofed Forest is hidden away underground. This underground cavern's theme is to continue the magic feel from the surface, while also working in industry. There are plans to make an automatic XP bottler, along with a potion distillery. There is currently a lava tank powered penta-blast furnace array underground.

The Plains: Edit[edit | edit source]

The Plains was the third section of New Hope to be colonized. This section's theme is a regular town. Resembling Patchtown from the Public Server I, this part of New Hope is where many farms will be found. Currently, the only build to be found in the Plains is a pair of "Deal With It" glasses. There is also a semi-auto public potato farm.

The Mountain: Edit[edit | edit source]

The Mountain was the first part of New Hope to be colonized. Marked by its signature red sandstone pyramid, it contains 6 full beacons, the first town to do so. It is where most residents keep their belongings while the main houses are being constructed. There is a alcove, which is planned to be mined straight through, keeping only a small stone bridge at the top of the new hole. In its place, New Hopians will construct a giant door, slightly ajar, as to link the plains and roofed forest sections. The door is planned to be laced with gold blocks, and be the signature icon in New Hope.

The Swamp: Edit[edit | edit source]

Although not technically a part of New Hope, it is considered a project of New Hope and Ald Isle together. Tying into the lore, the swamp is planned to be a WWII-Esque wasteland.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The lore of New Hope ties back to Ald Shore from the Public Server I. As the story goes; after the shutdown, Jonpot and Fyid rebelled against Slash_Stache and Jackfrost2000, during The Fyidpot Rebellion, which led onto The War of Tides. Leaving what was previously known as Ald Shore as a destroyed swampland, the two parties separated. Slash_Stache went onto create Ald Isle, and Jonpot New Hope. On their ways, they both found animals to take with them. Slash_Stache found a rare frog, named Pepe, and Jon found a duck, named Jr. Today, you can still find the destroyed remains of Ald Shore in the swamp between the two cities.

Today, the two cities are always warring with each other, with no end in sight.