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Liquid Minecarts
Liquid minecarts.png
Module TypeExpansion
Created bySparks
Required ModulesLiquid Tanks
Complementary ModulesPotion Liquids
Compatible MC Versions1.14

Liquid Minecarts are used to move liquids between tanks and support any new liquids automatically.


Minecarts are created by placing down a hopper minecart and entering the same recipe as a Liquid Tank. Unlike Liquid Tanks, they do not have a GUI for survival players and have no functionality outside of being able to interface with tanks. Instead, one should think of them as pipes.

Liquid Minecarts can be filled by a tank if the hopper points into the minecart either from the top of one of the sides, and emptied by driving them over a tank. If a minecart already has liquid in it, it will only accept the contents of tanks with the same liquid and vice versa. The Liquid Minecart can be fully emptied by driving it over an activator rail.

Liquid tanks creation.png

Technical Summary

A note on why liquid minecarts are command_block_minecart entities. Originally a regular minecart was used but this caused the passenger tank armour stand to be ejected when going over an activator rail. Minecarts themselves don't support skulls as a custom display block. Because they have no GUI functionality and seeing a hopper interface on a mobile liquid tank would cause players to expect it to be able to bottle and unbottle. Furthermore, a GUI will cause the tank to suck items out of hoppers or place them in, potentially messing up auto-filler systems if it picks something up while travelling down a track. Furnace minecarts drive weird as we all know so command block minecart it is! There's an added advantage that the "drain" feature is entered as a command in the minecart itself meaning there's no 20hz clock needed to check for activator rails. As far as I can tell, in survival, it acts like a normal minecart. You can't view the command GUI and breaking it doesn't drop a command block.

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Version Date Change
1.14 23 August 2019 Released Liquid Minecarts