Ald Shore

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This article is about a town in the Public Server I. Ald Isle is the Public Server II's continuation of Ald Shore, although New Hope also has some strong ties. Ald Shore is a town made on the Gamemode 4 Server. It is based on a beach shore of a roofed forest. Houses can be found either under or over the leaves!

Features Harbour to "easily" arive in boat Very hard-to-navigate nether tunnel to the town Overground rail from patchtown station Never ending minecart track Cloud jumping parkour trip Treetop walks Town exclusive bakery Many resident houses Night time walks and strolls

Builders jackfrost2000 Slash_Degage (Now Slash_Stache) legitgamer3000 SkyLegendary Jonpot Darkblade909 DeeTheCactus Prowdz CommandMan Izlador Laerite Tomhelduf