Better Armour Stands/Particles Pack

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Particles Pack

Module TypeExpansion
Created bySparks
Last Updated byMisode and Denniss
Required ModulesBetter Armour Stands
Complementary ModulesPoses Pack
Compatible MC Versions1.12+

This module adds particles to the game using the Better Armour Stands module.


To select a particle, write one of the available codes into a book and quill, and right click an armour stand. The armour stand will become invisible and display the selected particle. Holding a book and quill will make any invisible armour stand in an 8-block radius glow to show their locations.

To remove the particle from an armour stand, right click the armour stand with a book and quill again, with "default", and it will reappear and stop emitting particles.

Technical Details

An armour stand can only emit one particle at a time.


Creating a "drip" particle armour stand

Use the following codes for the corresponding particle.

Code Description
default Removes current particle from the armour stand
barrier Emits a single barrier icon
bubbles Emits bubble particles in a radius
cloud Emits white cloud particles in a radius
drip Emits a dripping water effect
enchant Emits enchanting particles towards the feet
ender Emits portal particles towards armour stand
fiesta Emits "party" particles in a range
fireflies Emits a wide-range cloud of end rod particles
flame Emits flame particles at a single point
growing Emits green growth particles in a radius
heart Emits single heart particles
lava Emits lava particles in a range
note Emits note particles
ash Emits a wide-range cloud of floating ash
autumn Emits a wide-range cloud of leaves in autumn
blossom Emits a wide-range cloud of blossom particles
spring Emits a wide-range cloud of green particles
winter Emits a wide-range cloud of snowfall

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Version Date Change
1.12 11 Jul 2018 Released Particles Pack
1.14 15 Dec 2019 Retroactively added "snow" code
1.15 15 Dec 2019 Released for 1.15 with new "snow" code.
1.17 23 Aug 2021 Added "enchant", "ender", "fiesta", "lava",

"ash", "autumn", "blossom", "spring", "winter"