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Zauber Cauldrons
Zauber cauldrons.png
Module TypeStand Alone
Created byBluefire610
Last Updated byBluefire610
Required Modulesnone
Complementary ModulesZauber Liquids
Latest MC Version(s)1.13

Zauber Cauldrons enhances vanilla cauldrons to allow the user to craft magic themed gear and potions at them.

Details[edit | edit source]

To be used for crafting a Zauber Cauldron requires heat - provided by a fire block beneath - and water, if both is provided the Zauber Cauldron emits steam to show that it is ready to be used for crafting.

Technical Summary[edit | edit source]

Zauber Cauldrons uses Raycasting to ensure items in a Zauber cauldron can not be picked up.

Crafting checks are ran in stages to minimize passive lag:

First off, only Cauldrons with a valid structure - meaning a fire block beneath and water - are considered valid for crafting checks.

Once the module has found a Zauber Cauldron that's ready for crafting checks, the module checks for so called "identifier Items". These are items that are unique to a recipe category, e.g. prismarine crystals for the Category "potions". Once such an item is found the module will start to go through all the entries for a recipe Category. These are specified within the <category folder/<category name>.mcfunction, E.g. Potions/Zauber_Potions.mcfuntion. At this point the function checks for a second order identifier item, e.g. a speed potion, which is again unique within the category. Once that is found a function unique for the actual recipe checks for all the items that all recipes of the category have in common (e.g. golden apples for potion recipes) and then summons the output item.

Creation[edit | edit source]

A Zauber Cauldron is created by having a fire block beneath a water-filled cauldron and stepping up to it whilst holding an enchanted book. Every plain vanilla cauldron may be used for this.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Crafting in a Zauber Cauldron is as easy as dropping the items into the cauldron. The Player will not be able to pick these items up again, as long as they are looking at the Zauber Cauldron.

Dropping more items than the required amount for a recipe into a Zauber Cauldron will turn any unused (in crafting) items into "Possessed Items", these are vexes without a sword that will spawn in the Zauber Cauldron.

Potions[edit | edit source]

Zauber Cauldrons can be used to craft Tier IV potions, which are not obtainable in vanilla. To do this the Player must throw the Potion, a Golden Apple (non-enchanted), and a Prismarine Crystals item into the Zauber Cauldron.

Crafting these potions causes side effects depending on the potion type, see the chart below.

Potion Recipes
Ingredients Result Side Effects
Potion of Strength II, Golden Apple, Prismarine Crystals Potion of Strength IV (1:30) Creates Fire blocks around the Zauber Cauldron
Potion of Regeneration II, Golden Apple, Prismarine Crystals Potion of Regeneration IV (0:22) Potion also holds Speed III (0:16), a lingering wither cloud spawns above the Zauber Cauldron
Potion of Swiftness II, Golden Apple, Prismarine Crystals Potion of Swiftness IV (3:20) Potion also holds Weakness IV (6:00)
Potion of Healing II, Golden Apple, Prismarine Crystals Potion of Healing IV Potion also holds Nausea (0:08), kills everyone near the cauldron
Potion of Poison II, Golden Apple, Prismarine Crystals Potion of Poison IV (0:32) Spawns Cobwebs and Cave Spiders
Potion of Leaping II, Golden Apple, Prismarine Crystals Potion of Leaping IV (1:30) Summons a Killer Rabbit
Potion of Harming II, Golden Apple, Prismarine Crystals Potion of Harming IV Creates a healing zone around the cauldron does not despawn.
Any Splash or Lingering Potion, Golden Apple, Prismarine Crystals none The Zauber Cauldron explodes

Advanced Reactants[edit | edit source]

Instead of Prismarine Crystals, gear recipes use Enchanted Prismarine Shards.

These are obtained by dropping a vanilla Prismarine Shard into a Zauber Cauldron whilst having 30 levels of experience. This will consume all 30 levels.

Enchanted Prismarine Shard
Ingredients Result Side Effects
Prismarine Shard Enchanted Prismarine Shard Consumes 30 XP Levels off of the closest Player

To get around the Possessed Items spawned by dropping too many items, empty bottles may be used. A bottle can only hold multiples of three vexes, it shatters instantly - releasing the Posses Items again - if this condition isn't met. This can be used in order to create a Wormhole in a Bottle. These Bottles pop and release vexes if left on the ground.

Magic in a Bottle
Ingredients Result Side Effects
Any Recipe, with more Items than required Magic in a Bottle Vexes will be caught in the bottle. Will not work if the amount of vexes that would be spawned is not a multiple of 3

Armour[edit | edit source]

Zauber Cauldrons adds it's own set of customize able armor into the game. To craft this armor an Enchanted Prismarine Shard is required.

So called Zauber Armor comes in 4 flavors: Health Boost, Speed Boost, Knockback Resistance and Attack Damage; Armor pieces might be mixed and matched to the user's liking.

To craft this armor the user needs to drop any piece of golden armor - that isn't already Zauber Armor - alongside with an Enchanted Prismarine Shard and a modifier item into a Zauber Cauldron. This modifier item allows the user to chose from the four favors.

Armor Modifiers
Modifier Result
Glistering Melon Slice +4 max Health (2 Hearts)
Blaze Powder +35% Attack Damage
Rabbit's Foot +10% Speed
Eye of Ender +25% Chance to ignore Knockback

Turning Gold Armor into Zauber Armor also changes the defense values:

Zauber Armor Defense Values
Armor Piece Armor Value Armor Toughness Value
Helmet +3 Armor +3 Armor Toughness
Chestplate +7 Armor +3 Armor Toughness
Leggings +5 Armor +3 Armor Toughness
Boots +2 Armor +3 Armor Toughness
Full Set +17 Armor +12 Armor Toughness

This totals to +17 Armor Points, which is 3 Points (1.5 Shirts) lower than diamond, however, the high armor toughness accommodates for this.

Every piece of Zauber Armor also holds an Attribute Called "+25% Magic", used by an easter egg.

Crystals[edit | edit source]

As an alternative to potions Zauber Cauldrons adds so called Crystals. These hold a potion effect and will never run out of it - quite useful for general survival or trips to dangerous locations.

Crystals are crafted using Sea Lanterns, Prismarine Crystals and an enchanted book of protection IV; The type of protection specifies the type of crystal.

Crystal Recipes
Ingredients Result Effect
Sea Lantern, Enchanted Book of Projectile Protection IV, Nether Star Crystal of Speed Speed II
Sea Lantern, Enchanted Book of Blast Protection IV, Nether Star Crystal of Resistance Resistance II
Sea Lantern, Enchanted Book of Fire Protection IV, Nether Star Crystal of Fire Resistance Fire Resistance II
Sea Lantern, Enchanted Book of Protection IV, Nether Star Crystal of Regeneration Regeneration II[note 1]

To activate these crystals they must be in the Player's Off-Hand Slot and the Player must have the Luck Status Effect. This Effect may be obtained by any means, however, Zauber provides a way as well.

Luck[edit | edit source]

Unlike in vanilla, the luck potion effect is a core element to advanced Zauber Cauldron magic. Crystals are only active when the player has the luck effect; luck can also effect fishing loot.

To obtain the effect the player needs to perform the Luck recipe in a Zauber Cauldron, which depends on the world's seed. On module installation the module randomly groups the 10 types of small vanilla flowers into to categories: "normal" and "poisonous".[note 2] To obtain the luck effect the player needs to combine all "normal" flowers, no "poisonous" flowers, an Enchanted Prismarine Shard and finally a piece of cut tall grass in a Zauber Cauldron.

Upon doing so, nearby players will be granted the luck potion effect. This effect will not wear off and can only be voided by death.

If the wrong flowers are used, the result depends on whether any of said flowers are poisonous. If none of the flowers are poisonous, nothing will happen, and the reactants will not be consumed. If at least one of the flowers is poisonous, the reactants will be consumed, a poison area effect cloud will be placed on top of the cauldron, and vexes will fly out.

These differing results are useful in finding the recipe for your current world. By testing what happens for an individual flower, one can find which flowers are normal and which are poisonous, and then use the recipe with the normal flowers.

Wormhole in a Bottle[edit | edit source]

Wormholes in a Bottle allows the user to teleport to the location the Magic in a Bottle was caught at - even across dimensions. To create one, 1-64 chorus and popped chorus fruit is needed; the amount of chorus and popped chorus fruit is randomized based on the world seed.[note 3]

Wormhole in a Bottle
Ingredients Result Side Effects
Enchanted Prismarine Shard, Magic in a Bottle, 1 to 64 chorus fruit, 1 to 64 popped chorus fruit Wormhole in a Bottle

Advancements[edit | edit source]

Advancement Description Requirement
Potion Chef Create a Zauber Cauldron Hold an enchanted book and look at a zauber cauldron
Underated Materials Suit up with a full suit of Zauber Armor. Equip zauber armour in all 4 armour slots
Soup Kitchen Magician Where did my lunch go? Stand near a rabbit when it teleports in a zauber cauldron
Questionable Ingredients Just like the Rabbits! Use a Wormhole in a Bottle

Learn More and Download[edit | edit source]

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History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Change
1.11 19 Dec 2016 Released Zauber Cauldrons
1.12 10 Jun 2017 Updated for 1.12 command format
1.13 19 Nov 2018 Updated for 1.13
Added "Potion Chef," "Underated Materials," and "Soup Kitchen Magician" advancements.
24 Dec 2018

Vexmas Update

Added Magic in a Bottle and Wormhole in a Bottle
Added "Questionable Ingredients" advancement.
Converted Item Names to json and fixed selectors.

Previous Versions[edit | edit source]

MC 1.11-1.12 Versions[edit | edit source]

The MC 1.11-1.12 versions did not have advancements.

Notes[edit source]

  1. Even though this is Regeneration II, this is stronger than Regeneration II since the effect is renewed every 14 seconds.
  2. On PSV the normal flowers are poppies, red tulips, oxeye daisys, white tulips and dandelions.
  3. In PSV the correct amount of chorus fruit is 7, and the correct amount of popped chorus fruit is 46.