This module add 3 new items to aid in ocean travel.


Module TypeReliant
Created byBluePsychoRanger
Required ModulesCustom Crafters
Complementary ModulesSunken Treasure
Compatible MC Versions1.13+


There are 3 SCUBA items added by this module: Flippers, SCUBA Tank, and SCUBA Helmet.

When both the tank and helmet are equipped, the player will gain 4 minutes of Conduit Power when their head is submerged in the water. The 4 minutes will reset if the player goes out of the water and back down, similar to the Turtle Shell.

If the player goes out of the water or takes off the equipment, the conduit power effect will go away. Taking off the gear will remove the conduit effect, but putting it back on while still in the water will not refresh the effect. The only way to refresh the conduit effect is by getting out of the water and going back in.

The Flippers will allow the player to swim faster in water, but will severely slow the player on land. While swimming in water (in swim mode, not walking while submerged), the player will gain Dolphin's Grace .

Technical Details

Movement speed modifiers only affect land based travel, but whilst in water, the FOV will still be zoomed in if Dynamic FOV is turned on.

The flippers have a color of #A7FF4F.


Item Name Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter)
Flippers Scute + Rabbit Hide
SCUBA Tank Gold Ingot + Scute + Water Breathing Potion
SCUBA Helmet Gold Ingot + Turtle Shell + Glass Pane


If both the Sunken Treasure and SCUBA Gear modules are installed, the Tank and Flippers can be acquired by mining sand whilst under deep water. For more information on Sunken Treasure, please visit the main page.


Advancement Requirement
Things are going swimmingly!
Suit up with a full set of SCUBA gear
Wear all 3 items from this module

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Version Date Change
1.13 04 Apr 2019 Released SCUBA Gear