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Sargu pfp.png
Other namesSarguCopperpot, Salgu, Skylord_Viktor, Sargumilien
OccupationGamemode 4 Player, Meme Stealer, Emote maker.
Years active2019-present
Imagine having a userpage pedLaugh - Sargu.[edit | edit source]

All we know is that Sargu joined at PSV with some folks from the Spanish Town, but he stayed there. Later in PSVI he created the Stál Kingdom, where he was the only one who lived there, and he used the Skarstind Post Office due to the proximity of his base to Foodie's town. In PS Sky he is more inactive, since then, he is currently doing other non-Gamemode 4 things.

List of non-Gamemode 4 Things he is doing[edit | edit source]

  • Being a VIP and doing emotes for Pedguin, a ex-Terraria Streamer..
  • Retweeting tweets from 11h11m and archillect on twitter.
  • Thinking about Skylord Viktor, his Shadow of Israphel OC and Mallark, his adopted OC turned into his Minecraft OC thing.
  • Having a silent hyperfixation of Friday Night Funkin at Tumblr
  • Doing English Minecraft Content because his Spanish Subscribers are to dependant to FénixSMP, also starting his Enigmatica 6 Series
  • Doing this list in the Gamemode 4 wiki because he saw the other people's profiles, but doing this very awful because he doesn't know about MediaWiki kek.

Other Sargu Things[edit | edit source]

Sargu's NameMC Profile


Tumblr Page