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Level 2 Heading[edit | edit source]

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Level 3 Heading (Enderpuff Lore)[edit | edit source]

The skin of the Enderpuff slowly dissolves, spreading over the skin in your bare hands — its blood starts to fuse with yours.

As the blood mixes with yours, a dangerous parasite living inside the Enderpuff's blood does so as well. You start to feel a light, tickling sensation on your skin. Before you can react, the parasite creeps up your arm, onto your head, and can no longer be removed. Your vocal cords stop functioning and all you can say from now on is "splash" and "puff".

Your friends won't recognize you anymore. Your family won't recognize you anymore. Your dog won't recognize you anymore.
As the transformation continues, you slowly lose control over your arms, legs, and other important organs.
But soon, you'll be ready to be adopted by them. They will treat you like their own kind. They will love you. They start to milk your freshly grown poison glands and enjoy the gooey poison syrup in excessive feasts.
Soon, you'll be able to see what they see.

Level 4 Heading[edit | edit source]

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