The War of Tides

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The War of Tides is a war that took place between the shutdown of the Public Server I and the start of the Public Server II. Following the Fyidpot Rebellion, the War of Tides separated New Hope and Ald Isle forever. When Slash returned with Pepe after the rebellion, he had enough power to start a war with Jonpot. Slash used mechanical weapons, such as cannons and bows, while Jonpot used the magic he learned from WorldOfMigget while taking part in Magical Moduled Mischief. In an epic battle between the two powers, it became clear the two had reached a stalemate. With Slash's army of frogs helping him build weapons and fortifications, and Jonpot's ability to use magic to block many if not all of Slash's artillery, it was obvious that a treaty was needed. Pepe and DuckJr. met up in the middle of the war ground and discussed what would be contained in the treaty. Once terms had been met, Jonpot and Slash begrudgingly signed what is formally known as "The Treaty of Toads". A copy of the treaty can be found in both New Hope's and Ald Isle's Libraries. It is unknown where the original copy of the treaty is.

Visible Effects[edit | edit source]

Today, you can see the war ground by visiting the swamp separating Ald Isle and New Hope. It is currently a WIP project, and is nowhere near being finished. According to lore, this swampland is supposed to be the destroyed remains of the original Ald Shore.