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If an article is not written in an encyclopedia-like style, add the {{tone}} template at the top. This template creates a banner stating the problem at the top of the article's page, and also adds its tagged articles to one of Wikipedia's administrative categories: Category:Wikipedia articles with style issues (shortcut to that category: CAT:STYLE).

For more about the way an encyclopedia's article is written, see Wikipedia's Manual of Style or Wikipedia:Template messages/Cleanup § Style of writing.

Note: This template is a self-reference, and should not be substituted.

Usage[edit source]

{{subst:Tone}} or {{Tone|{{subst:DATE}}}}

Specific area[edit source]

To make the banner apply to a more specific area, add |section, or |article:

{{Tone|section}}, or to include the date (recommended), {{Tone|section|{{subst:DATE}}}}
{{Tone|article}}, or to include the date (recommended), {{Tone|article|{{subst:DATE}}}}

Linking to a section on the talk page[edit source]

To link to a relevant discussion on the article's Talk page, add the |talk= parameter. The argument (the part after the equals sign) can be either a section title on the article's own talk page, or the name of another page where discussion appears (with or without a specific section):

{{Tone|talk=Discussion of tone issues}}
{{Tone|talk=Talk:Another Article#Relevant discussion section}}

Notes[edit source]

This template will add tagged articles to dated subcategories of Category:Wikipedia articles with style issues by month and to Category:All articles with style issues.

Redirects[edit source]

The following templates are redirects to this template and will display the same message:

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