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Guidelines[edit source]

Do not subst.

  • This template is for sports articles, particularly professional athletes in team sports, that are in the news for a transaction, such as a trade or a new contract. This is an advisory to readers that the transaction may be awaiting an official announcement, and that readers should therefore be cautious about the content presented.
  • Note that every article on Wikipedia has a General disclaimer indicating that the article contents may not be accurate. As such, this template is redundant.
  • As an advisory to editors, it may also be used to indicate that an athlete should not be affiliated with a team without referencing an official announcement. Unofficial reports from reliable sources, if mentioned, must be attributed to the news source (e.g. "ACME News reports that John Doe was traded ...").
  • Generally it is expected that this template and its closely related templates will appear on an article for perhaps a day or two, occasionally several days, until the transaction is officially confirmed, denied, or does not materialize.
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Usage[edit source]

This template contains 4 optional parameters:

  • Unnamed parameter 1 overrides the word article to any text (e.g. section).
  • sport, automatically switches the image to be more specific to replace the athletic shoe image. Currently supports: American football, Australian rules football, baseball, basketball, cricket, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, soccer.
  • trans, changes transaction to any text specified (e.g. trade, contract).
  • reason, changes the text after trans, i.e. "may be based on anonymous sources ..." to any specified text.
  • image, which can switch to an alternate image that is not supported.
Code Result
{{Current sports transaction}}
{{Current sports transaction|trans=trade|sport=baseball}}
{{Current sports transaction|section|trans=new contract|sport=basketball}}
{{Current sports transaction|sport=hockey|reason=may be awaiting an official announcement.}}
{{Current sports transaction|image=Tennisball current event.svg}}

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