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Gamemode 4:About

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===Who Created Gamemode 4?===
Gamemode 4 was originally created by [ Sparks]. He has said:<blockquote>"I was inspired by the new command blocks and their potential for making cool stuff and since I was doing a lot of YouTube at the time I thought it would make a nice showcase series that the community could get involved with too." </blockquote>Created in February of 2014 , various contributors to the project have submitted modules or worked directly with Sparks. This has now been expanded with the addition of other core developers Bloo___ (formerly Bluefire610) and SpecialBuilder32.
==== Solo Project Examples ====
[[Zauber Cauldrons]] by Bloo__(formerly Bluefire610)
[[Mob Conversion]] by Torbray
=== A Brief timeline of Gamemode 4 ===
Gamemode 4 has gone through several iterations with each Minecraft update, from the version [ 1.8] Era Minecraft to version [ 1.13.]
==== 1.8 Minecraft ====
"One Click " installation, MC Edit Schematics and World Downloads are all common. This lasted from 2014 until 2016 with the [ 1.9 Combat Update.]
==== 1.9 to 1.12 Minecraft ====
"One Click " installation is the officially supported method. This lasted from 2016 until 2018 with the [ 1.13 Update Aquatic Update] changing commands command via the introduction of the datapack system.
==== 1.13 Minecraft to Present ====
[ Datapacks] are the officially supported method. This has lasted from the 2018 1.13 Update update until the presentday.
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