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To transfer an item's shamir back to a cast, drop the item and a piece of obsidian (doesn't have to be an empty cast) on to the anvil, and power the piston again. The piston will transfer the shamir from the item onto the obsidian.
[[File:Detach shamir band.gif|none|frame|Detaching a shamir from a chestplate|alt=]]
=== Technical Details ===
Each Metallurgy ore has a 10% chance of dropping from the TNT blast.
=== Advancements ===
|Warns the player when their tool is low on durability and slows mining speed
|Players can still break their tool if they ignore the warnings
|{{Stack|gm4:Obsidian Cast (Copper Band)|inline=true}} Copper
|[[/Corripio Shamir|Corripio]]
|Allows the player to obtain [[Orb of Ankou|soul essence]] from mobs
| {{Stack|gm4:Obsidian Cast (Barimium Band)|inline=true}} Barimium
{{Metallurgy/Modules List}}
[[Category:All Modules]]
[[Category:Base Modules]]

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