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Metallurgy/Helious Shamir

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{{ModuleInfobox|name=Helious Shamir|type=expansionExpansion|creator=Bloo, Sparks, and Special|versions=1.15|requires=[[Metallurgy]], [[Weighted Armour]]|icon=Metallurgy.png}}
The Helious Shamir counteracts the effects of [[Weighted Armour]].
=== Usage ===
Wearing an armour piece with the Helious Shamir will reduce one slowness level of Weighted Armour. For example, if the armour would normally give Slowness II, wearing a single piece of armour with Helious would reduce it to Slowness I. Helious can be stacked, meaning wearing two pieces of armour would reduce it by two levels of slowness, and wearing three pieces of helious Helious armour would reduce it by three slowness levels.
If a player has the Helious Shamir added onto a piece of armor, but has too little armor to weigh them down, the player will experience levitation and withering. This will happen if the player has "negative slowness" - the result of wearing a helious Helious armour piece when they would normally not have slowness.
== History ==
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