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Other Expansions
Additional expansion packs add new shamirs that work with the base system. Additional expansion packs can be created and submitted to GM4, such as those listed below. To find what each shamir does in more detail, click the corresponding name in the table below. When an expansion pack is installed, the shamir will have an equal chance as the other shamirs on the same band of being selected. For more information about each shamir, click on its name to go to the shamir's page.
=== Other Expansions Shamirs ===
{| class="wikitable"
! style="width: 15%" | Metal Band
! style="width: 34%" | Limitation
| rowspan = "2" |{{Stack|gm4:Obsidian Cast (Aluminium Band)|inline=true}} Aluminium|[[MetallurgyWeighted Armour/Helious|Helious]]
|Negates weighted armor by one slowness level
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