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Metallurgy/Levity Shamir

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{{ModuleInfobox|type=Expansion|name=Levity Shamir|creator=Bloo, Sparks, Special|requires=[[Metallurgy]]|versions=1.13}}
The Levity Shamir allows players to hover in mid -air.
== Features ==
Levity is a custom shamir which allows players to sneak in the air and hover at that Y Level- whilst not taking fall damage afterwards. For details on how to create a cast with metal band, see the [[Metallurgy#Casting Metals|Metallurgy]] page. It is found on a an Aluminium Band, and can be placed onto boots. For details on adding a Shamir to an item, see the [[Metallurgy#Attaching Bands|Metallurgy]] page.
=== Usage ===
==== Cooldown ====
After a certain distance traveled travelled or time in the air, the player will start to slowly descend instead of staying at the same Y-level. The boots will begin to descend after the player travels approximately 12 blocks from where they first pressed shift. Additionally, hovering works for up to 21 seconds before beginning to descend.
==== Limitations ====

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