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| alt = BluePsychoRanger's Profile Picture
| other_names = BPR
| occupation = GM4 Wiki Admin, GM4 Server Staff
| years_active = 2015-present
| known_for = Administration and creation writing/editing of Gamemode 4 Wiki pages
== About BluePsychoRanger ==
Hello people, I'm BluePsychoRanger one of the wiki admins for Gamemode 4. If there is any problems with the wiki feel free to contact me through discord, (link down below). I've been interested in Gamemode 4 since November 2015, and a wiki admin since March 17, 2017. On June 21, 2019, I became a moderator for the Gamemode 4 Public Server.
== Submitted Modules to GM4 ==
[ Seasons]: Adds a season cycle to Minecraft
[ Equivalent Exchange]: Overhauled version of the previous EE module
[ Sharpening Tools]: Allows players to craft special items to repair tools
[ Pulverizers]: Adds a pulverizer to crush items into others.
[ Holographic Tags]: Modified version of [ Sethbling's Permanent Floating Text data pack]
[ Potion Infusers]: Allows [[Liquid Tanks/Potion Liquids|potion tanks]] to infuse nearby blocks with their potion and convert them into new blocks
=== Accepted Modules ===
[ SCUBA Gear]: Adds craftable SCUBA Gear to aid in ocean travel
[ Sunken Treasure (1.13)]: Updated the previous version of Sunken Treasure for the 1.13 release
[ Midnight Menaces]: [[Mysterious Midnights]] expansion pack that adds mob-related nights
== Contact ==
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