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Gamemode 4:About

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===What is Gamemode 4?===
Gamemode 4 is a collection of [https://www, Minecraft] command modules to enhance the vanilla survival experience. Gamemode 4 has added varying levels of content from simple ideas such as exploding bats [[Bat Grenades]] to fully fleshed mechanics such as [[Zauber Cauldrons]]. These additions are named modules because of their ''modular'' nature. It is encouraged to mix and match modules as you please to create your own custom experience.
===Who Created Gamemode 4?===
Gamemode 4 was originally created by [ SparksTheGamer Sparks] from [ Accidental Games]. He has said:<blockquote>"I was inspired by the new command blocks and their potential for making cool stuff and since I was doing a lot of YouTube at the time I thought it would make a nice showcase series that the community could get involved with too." </blockquote>Created in February of 2014 , various contributors to the project have submitted modules or worked directly with Sparks.
==== Solo Project Examples ====
[[Mob Conversion]] by Torbray
=== How to install Gamemode 4? ===
To install Gamemode 4 modules onto your server or single player world, download the data pack from the [ Gamemode 4 website]and insert the datapack zip folder into the datapacks folder in the world you wish to install the module on. For more information on how to install datapacks, see the video below.
=== A Brief timeline of Gamemode 4 ===
==== 1.8 Minecraft ====
Modules are defined as version 1.0. One Click installation, MC Edit Schematics and World Downloads are all common. This lasted from 2014 til until 2016 with the [ 1.9 Combat Update.]
==== 1.9 to 1.12 Minecraft ====
Modules are defined as version 2.0. One Click installation is the officially supported method. This lasted from 2016 til until 2018 with the [ 1.13 Update Aquatic Update] changing commands .
==== 1.13 Minecraft to Present ====
Modules are defined as version 3.0. [ Datapacks] are the officially supported method. This has lasted from 2018 1.13 Update until the present.
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