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Block Compressors

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{{ModuleInfobox|name=Block Compressors|icon=block_compressors.png|type=Reliant|requires=[[Custom Crafters]]|creator=Sparks|updater=SunderB, Misode|versions=1.1215}}This module allows you to compress and decompress any stackable stacks of items into a single item or block by *16 or *64for better storage.
== Details Features ==
=== Creation General ===Insert the recipe below into The Block Compressor is an upgrade to a [[Custom Crafters|Custom Crafter]] to upgrade that transforms it into a Block Compressormachine that compresses and decompresses items on top of it. This module requires the [[Custom Crafters|Custom Crafter]]<nowiki/>s module to be installed to work correctly. The GUI  Items can be compressed by a factor of 64 or 16, meaning that a Block Compressor single "64 compressed stick" is used as an interface made from 64 regular sticks. Compressed items enable containers like chests and shulker boxes to change the settingshold vastly greater quantities of items.
Compressed items can easily be decompressed back into their original state to be used in crafting and building. Be careful though, if a compressed item is placed as a block it will lose its compressed state. For example, if a *64 compressed diamond block is placed on the ground, 63 diamond blocks will have just been lost. [[File:Block_compressor_creationBlock Compressor.png|thumb|alt=|A Block Compressor]]
=== Creation ===
Insert the recipe below into a [[Custom Crafters|Custom Crafter]] to upgrade it into a Block Compressor. When broken, the Block Compressor will drop both the items used to create a Custom Crafter and the items used to upgrade it into a Block Compressor.{{Crafting
| Input = {{CraftingGrid
| Iron Ingot | Obsidian | Iron Ingot
| Piston | Purpur Block | Piston
| Iron Ingot | Obsidian | Iron Ingot
| Output =[[File:compressor_block_model.png|64px]]
|Name=Custom Crafter}}
=== Compressing and Decompressing ===
The GUI of a Block Compressor is used as a settings interface for the type of compression it will do. A Block Compressor has 3 modes. It can compress *16, compress *64, or decompress. To set compression, place a stack {| class="wikitable"|+!Compressor Mode!Items inside Compressor|-|Compress *64|64 of either any item into any slot|-|Compress *16 or 64 items (|16 of any item into any slot|-|Decompress|1 of any type) item into the middle any slot |}Once compression mode is set, throw items on-top of the Block Compressor GUIto compress/decompress them.[[File:Compression Process. To set decompressionpng|none|thumb|600x600px|alt=|Compression Process]] === Technical Details ===A chest full of *64 compressed items can hold a total of 110,592 items, place 6400% more than a single item chest of uncompressed items (of any type1728 items) into the middle slot of the GUI.
If compression is setA chest full of shulker boxes, throw a stack each full of either 16*64 compressed items, can hold 2, or 64 (depending on the mode) on the top of the Block Compressor. If decompression is set985, throw a single compressed item on the top of the Block Compressor984 items.
=== Bugs Advancements ===Compressors are unable to compress items with custom data, such as lore or skull texture data, without destroying said data. This bug is due to limitations in minecraft commands and nbt editing. Lores and enchantments are not saved through compression either.{| class="wikitable"|+!Advancement!Description!Requirement|-|Clever Crushing|Make yourself a Block Compressor|Create a Block Compressor|}
== Learn More and Download ==
{{YouTube|url=}}  {{Download|url=}}
== History ==
|08 Dec 2018
|Updated for 1.13 datapacksdata packs|-| rowspan="2" |1.14|10 Jul 2019|Fixed an issue of nbt being lost when compressing|-|17 Jul 2019|Patched a duplication exploit resulting from decompressing items that were compressed before the 1.14 module update|-|1.15|26 Dec 2019|Updated for 1.15 base module
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