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Community Page Standard

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Follow this standard if you are creating a community page for the wiki. A community page is defined as:
* Pages About Public Servers
* Pages involving information regarding the Gamemode 4 Community as a whole.
== Format ==
These can change at any time, keep up to date of face deletion.
A Community Page must have these sections at a minimum:
* About ''A Short Summary''
* Details ''A More in depth look at the community feature''
Optional sections are as sub heading - with following requirements:
* Gallery - Minimum of 3 Quality Pictures
* Trivia
* Residents
* Town Rules
All Community Pages Must have the cateogry '''community''' and either:
* Town
* Event
== (Example Town Page) About ==
Toff Town is a town on [[Public Server V]]. It is located at 1000 64 0 and is themed around a tepid ocean.
== Details ==
Founded by ToffeeMax, Toff Town is located north east of TestVille an is connected to the metro network.
=== Town Rules ===
# No Laughing
# No Fun
# No Happiness
=== Residents ===
ToffeeMax Jnr
ToffeeMax Snr
=== Trivia ===
This town is not real. It is never real and will not be ever. This sentence makes no sense.
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