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<small>FROM===What is Gamemode 4?===Gamemode 4 is a collection of [https: ''//www, Minecraft] command modules to enhance the vanilla survival experience. Gamemode 4 has added varying levels of content from simple ideas such as exploding bats to fully fleshed mechanics such as [[Main_PageZauber Cauldrons]]. These additions are named modules because of their ''modular''</small>nature. It is encouraged to mix and match modules as you please to create your own custom experience.
===Who Created Gamemode 4 is a collection of Minecraft command modules to enhance the vanilla survival experience. Gamemode 4 was created by Sparks from Accidental Games. Gamemode 4 is currently in the process of converting all modules to datapacks for Minecraft 1.13, but as of now, modules can be installed via 1-Clicks.?===
== Additional Info ==Gamemode 4 modules are was created to easily fit with one anotherby [https://twitter. Gamemode 4 was first released in Friday 21 February 2014, with com/AccidentalGames Sparks] from [[Bat Grenades Accidental Games]] as the first released module. Ever since then, Gamemode 4 He has been growing with said:<blockquote>"I was inspired by the new modules command blocks and their potential for making cool stuff and updates since I was doing a lot of YouTube at the time I thought it would make a nice showcase series that the community could get involved with too." </blockquote>Created in February of 2014 , various contributors to previous the project have submitted modulesor worked directly with Sparks.
=== Types = Solo Project Examples ====[[Zauber Cauldrons]] by Bluefire610 [[Mob Conversion]] by Torbray === A Brief timeline of Modules Gamemode 4 ===Gamemode 4 has gone through several iterations from the [ 1.8] Era Minecraft to [ 1.13.] ==== 1.8 Minecraft ====Modules are categorized based on their purposedefined as version 1.0. There One Click installation, MC Edit Schematics and World Downloads are 4 categories that a module can be placed asall common. This lasted from 2014 til 2016 with the [ 1.9 Combat Update.]* Stand Alone Modules** Needs no other modules ==== 1.9 to run or function1.12 Minecraft ====* Base ModuleModules are defined as version 2.0. One Click installation is the officially supported method. This lasted from 2016 til 2018 with the [ 1.13 Update Aquatic Update] changing commands .** Doesn't do much on its own, but instead provides a base for expansion packs to run under* Reliant Module** Acts like a Stand Alone Module, but requires a Base Module ==== 1.13 Minecraft to properly functionPresent ====* Expansion Pack** Adds functionality and features to a base moduleModules are defined as version 3.0. [ Datapacks] are the officially supported method. This has lasted from 2018 1.13 Update until the present.
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