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Sky Mobs
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Module TypeExpansion
Created byBloo, BluePsychoRanger
Required ModulesSky Dimension
Compatible MC Versions1.16

Sky Mobs changes how mobs spawn and act in the Sky Dimension. This module is packaged with the Sky Dimension module.

Features[edit | edit source]

Monsters[edit | edit source]

For information on Gilded Zombies and Magesmiths, see Sky Weather.

Monsters that spawn under blocks[1] in the sky dimension will immediately despawn. This means players can build dark rooms that do not spawn mobs, but also that traditional mob farms will not work in the sky dimension. Additionally, monsters that spawn in the sky dimension will behave differently.

Mob Change
Creeper Has a random potion effect and leaves a lingering potion cloud when it blows up.
Has a smaller explosion radius/power.
Enderman unknown
Skeleton Wields a sword (iron, gold, or stone) instead of a bow.
Spider unknown
Zombie Has a lower follow range than a normal zombie

Insomnia Vexes[edit | edit source]

Instead of phantoms, vexes will spawn above the player if they have not slept enough. They follow similar rules to phantom spawning, as they will not spawn if there are solid blocks above the player, but they will spawn closer to the player than phantoms usually do. Insomnia vexes are neutral and will not do any damage unless the player attacks them first. If a player attacks an insomnia vex, the vex will gain strength and hurt the player with an attack strength of around 2 hearts.

Cat Gifts[edit | edit source]

When cats are brought up to the sky dimension, they drop different gifts when the player sleeps. Instead of the normal loot, cats will drop small flowers, stardust, and aetherpuffs.

Aetherpuff[edit | edit source]

Aetherpuffs are reskinned enderpuffs. They allow players to float up while holding it.

Holding the Aetherpuff in the mainhand or the offhand while on the ground will give the player 3 minutes of Levitation II. If the player deselects the Aetherpuff, the levitation is removed and will not refresh until the player has landed on the ground.

If the Aetherpuff is anywhere in the player's inventory, they will gain slow falling when falling down. Sneaking while slow falling with the Aetherpuff will stop the slow falling effect.

Advancements[edit | edit source]

Advancement Requirement
What a Strange Offering!
Be presented with an unusual extradimensional creature
Have a cat bring you an Aetherpuff as a gift from sleeping

History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Change
1.16 10 Apr 21 Beta version released on Public Server
  1. It is unconfirmed if it's all blocks or just some