Mysterious Midnights/Resurrecting Zombies

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Resurrecting Zombies
Module TypeExpansion
Created byBloo
Required ModulesMysterious Midnights
Compatible MC Versions1.13+

This module causes zombies to spawn from rotten flesh dropped on the ground. This module is pre-packaged with the Mysterious Midnights base module.

Features[edit | edit source]

During this Mysterious Midnights event, a rotten flesh dropped on the ground will spawn a zombie after being on the ground for a while. A stack of rotten flesh will spawn zombies and consume one item per zombie summon. This module is a common event.

Technical Details[edit | edit source]

Zombies spawn after the rotten flesh is on the ground for 128 gameticks (6.4 seconds). After one rotten flesh is absorbed from the stack, the next zombie will spawn after another 128 gameticks.

The spawned zombie will not drop loot and will not spawn with any armor or tools. The zombie will have an attack damage of 10 (5 hearts).

Learn More and Download[edit | edit source]

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History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Change
1.13 06 Apr 2019 Released Resurrecting Zombies
1.14 10 Aug 2019 Fixed an infinite loop bug