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Statues, also known as "World Benders", can be found scattered across the Public Servers. Each statue depicts an action of a staff member relating to their contribution to development, honoring their invaluable work and dedication.

Flowertown Dungeon[edit | edit source]

PS Sky Flower Dungeon Statue
A statue depicting Thanathor

Thanathor can be found outside of the Tunnel Bores shrine, above the Flowertown Dungeon.

End Island[edit | edit source]

PS Sky End Main Island Statue
A statue depicting ZombiesOnTheBus

ZombiesOnTheBus can be found inside a cave in the basalt island.

Jungletown Area[edit | edit source]

ToffeeMax can be found near Jungletown above a lava pit at -3784 3357

A statue depicting ToffeeMax

Other[edit | edit source]

??? can be found near Flowertown at -4113 83 -650