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Between October 10th and November 30th, the Ooky Spooky Build Competition and Halloween Event were accessible through the End event portal, underneath the Platopia spawn platform. Upon entering the event portal, the player is teleported into Halloween Valley.

Halloween Valley[edit | edit source]

Advancements[edit | edit source]

Halloween Valley
Join the 2020 Halloween

Getting the Mom Tax
Buy some Mounds.

Open Sesame!
Open the gate to the

Fitting In
Show off
your spoopy
mood by
putting on a

Upper Class Candy
Buy some Hershey's.
Second hand, of course.

Team Effort
Enter the mansion
with a full party!
Outsmarting the Ghosts
Make it back to the portal in
Pay To Win
Enter the Black
I spent too much on this costum
Put on costume so expensive, you
won't ever consider taking it off

Pop Rocks
Buy some
authentic Pop
Party Shaker
Ruin the dinner
party in the dining
I See the Way
Solve the Library's
Kitchen Nightmares
Defrost the freezer.
No Sleepover Policy
Stay at the hidden guest
Friends at the Bar
Buy a drink in the lounge.
Discover the
Light Sleeper
Ruin someone's
morning in the
master bedroom.
Pent House Haunted House
Join the feast in the grand hall.
A Wet Surprise
Take a short
bathroom break.
Remember to flush the
Obelix' Heritage
Get a bit too excited
about wine in the
wine cellar.

The forbidden Candy
Buy some mixed chocolate
& peanut M&M's. Russian
Roulette for people with
Unlocked Beating Heart
Beating Hearts now appear  
in forgotten chests.
Unlocked Zauber Crystals
Zauber Crystals now
appear in common chests.
Unlocked Compass
Compasses now appear
in common chests.
Unlocked Suspicious Stew
Suspicious Stews now appear
in forgotten chests
Unlocked Netherite Sword
Netherite Swords now appear
in rare chests.
Unlocked Rockets
Rockets are now more
likely to appear
in uncommon chests.
Unlocked Magical Clover II & III
Magical Clovers II & III now appear
in provision chests.
Unlocked Totem of Undying
Totems of Undying now appear
in rare chests.
Unlocked Pufferfish Bucket
Pufferfish Buckets now appear
in uncommon chests.
Unlocked Heart Canisters
Heart Canisters now
appear in rare chests

9 Skittles, please
Buy some skittles
(packaging not included).

Right or Left?
Buy a suspiciously  
monolithic Twix.

Spooky Currency
Obtain a Mansion Key
by trading the
Gatekeeper's favorite

The Mansion[edit | edit source]

The Mansion Halloween 2020.png

The Mansion is the suspicious structure containing tricks and treats, puzzles and poisons, and a murder mystery behind every corner.