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Tinker Shamir
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Module TypeExpansion
Created byBloo, Sparks, and Special
Required ModulesMetallurgy
Compatible MC Versions1.15

The Tinker Shamir will convert some items to their block forms.

Features[edit | edit source]

Tinker is a custom shamir which allows players to automatically convert items to their block forms. For details on how to create a cast with metal band, see the Metallurgy page. It is found on a Thorium Brass Band, and can be placed onto tools. For details on adding a Shamir to an item, see the Metallurgy page.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Holding the enchanted tool in your main hand will cause items in your inventory to be converted into their corresponding block form. e.g redstone can convert to redstone blocks, and wheat can convert to hay bales. In order to be converted, the tool with the Tinker Shamir must match with the type of item you're combining.

Tool Item Result
Pickaxe Emerald Emerald Block
Diamond Diamond Block
Redstone Redstone Block
Coal Coal Block
Lapis Lazuli Lapis Block
Gold Ingot Gold Block
Iron Ingot Iron Block
Gold Nugget Gold Ingot
Iron Nugget Iron Ingot
Shovel Snowball Snow Block
Clay Ball Clay
Hoe Melon Slice Melon
Wheat Hay Bale

Limitations[edit | edit source]

Tinker cannot be placed on axes. Items will only convert to blocks if they are in a full stack (most items have a full stack of 64, but snowballs are only 16) in the player's inventory.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Change
1.12 10 Nov 2017 Tinker released on Gamemode 4D
1.13 17 May 2019 Beta released on Public Server V