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Standard Liquids
Standard liquids.png
Module TypeExpansion
Created bySpecialBuilder32
Required ModulesLiquid Tanks
Complementary Modulesnone
Latest MC Version(s)1.14

This module adds basic liquids and their utility interactions to Liquid Tanks. This module is packaged with the Liquid Tanks module.

Features[edit | edit source]

Full Lava Tank

Liquids[edit | edit source]

Full Milk Tank

Below is a list of the items or liquids, and the amount of liquid they add/remove to/from their corresponding tank.

Type of Tank Item Amount of Liquid
Lava Lava Bucket 1 Bucket
Water Water Bucket 1 Bucket
Water Water Bottle 1/3 Bucket
Milk Milk Bucket 1 Bucket
Rabbit Stew Rabbit Stew 1/3 Bucket
Mushroom Stew Mushroom Stew 1/3 Bucket
Beetroot Soup Beetroot Soup 1/3 Bucket
Beetroot Soup Beetroot 1/3 Bucket
Experience Bottle o' Enchanting 9 XP Points
Experience Enchanted Book 4 XP Points

Utility Interactions[edit | edit source]

The following liquid tank interactions are added with Standard Liquids.

Milk Tanks and Cows[edit | edit source]

Cows put above an empty or milk tank will slowly add milk to the tank at a rate of one bucket every five minutes.

Mushroom Stew Tanks and Mooshrooms[edit | edit source]

Mooshrooms put above an empty or milk tank will slowly add mushroom stew to the tank at a rate of one bowl every five minutes.

Lava Tanks and Furnaces[edit | edit source]

Lava Tanks will fuel adjacent furnaces if they contain items that require smelting, providing 1/3 a bucket of lava as required. Looking at a lava tank will link it to adjacent furnaces.

Water Tank Filling a Cauldron

Water Tanks and Cauldrons[edit | edit source]

Water Tanks will fill adjacent empty cauldrons with water, providing 1 bucket of water as required. Looking at a water tank will link it to adjacent cauldrons.

Experience Tanks, Experience Orbs, and Players[edit | edit source]

Player Depositing Experience

Experience Tanks will absorb Experience Orbs above (Excluding those from the Dragon). Players above an experience tank will deposit their experience into the tank, adding points equivalent to their level to the tank. Levels above 30 are treated as equal to value as level 30. Tanks will accept a level from the player even if there is not room for all the xp in the tank, which can lead to slight losses. Players below an Experience Tank will withdraw experience from the tank. The experience orbs produced in this process are purely visual and will not interact with mending.

Soup/Stew Tanks and Players[edit | edit source]

Players under a stew tank will receive a short burst of saturation that will fill six hunger points, at the cost of one bowl of stew consumed from the tank. The tank will continue to feed the player stew roughly once a second regardless if the player is hungry or not.

Milk Tanks and Entities[edit | edit source]

Players or mobs under a milk tank will have all their potion effects cleared from them at the cost of one bucket of milk consumed from the tank. The tank will continue to remove effects from the mob roughly once a second regardless if it has a potion effect applied.

Advancements[edit | edit source]

Advancement Description Requirement
Experience Quicksave Bottle your own XP from a liquid tank. Bottle Experience into a Bottle o' Enchanting using an XP Tank

Learn More and Download[edit | edit source]

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History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Change
1.12 10 Jun 2017 Released Standard Liquids
1.13 03 May 2019 Updated for 1.13 data packs
Packaged with the base module
1.14 11 Jun 2019 Updated for 1.14 command format
14 Jun 2019 Fixed a bug with player xp depositing

Previous Versions[edit | edit source]

MC 1.12 Version[edit | edit source]

In the MC 1.12 version, the advancements were actually a simulated achievement, using tellraw to show the message. This has been transferred to advancements upon the release of the 1.13 version.