Fyidpot Rebellion

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The Fyidpot Rebellion was an event that took place between the end of the Public Server I and the start of the Public Server II. After the shutdown, Jonpot and Fyid rebelled against Slash_Stache and Jackfrost2000, which led onto the War of Tides. The event started right before the shutdown, when Jonpot left Ald Shore to join WorldOfMigget in Magic Moduled Mischeif, on a completely different continent. Unbeknownst to him, this caused extreme unrest at Ald Shore. Without moderation, the balance of power was thrown off, leaving Slash_Stache as a dictator. Resident Fyid was the first to suggest a rebellion, and when Jonpot returned from his journey, they had the power to do it. Overthrowing Slash, power was restored, but not for long. Slash, cast out from Ald Shore, found a rare frog, named Pepe. Pepe gave Slash the knowledge and power to start a war. This war is known as the War of Tides.

Visible Effects[edit | edit source]

Although not much is visible from the original revolution, you can still see the destroyed heads of Slash and Jonpot on the warground seperating Ald Isle and New Hope.