Ald Shore

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This article is about a town in the Public Server I. Ald Isle is the Public Server II's continuation of Ald Shore, although New Hope also has some strong ties.

Ald Shore is a town made on the Gamemode 4 Server. It is based on a beach shore of a roofed forest. Houses can be found either under or over the leaves!

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Harbour to "easily" arive in boat
  • Very hard-to-navigate nether tunnel to the town
  • Overground rail from patchtown station
  • Never ending minecart track
  • Cloud jumping parkour trip
  • Treetop walks
  • Town exclusive bakery
  • Many resident houses
  • Night time walks and strolls

Builders[edit | edit source]

  • jackfrost2000
  • Slash_Degage (Now Slash_Stache)
  • legitgamer3000
  • SkyLegendary
  • Jonpot
  • Darkblade909
  • DeeTheCactus
  • Prowdz
  • CommandMan
  • Izlador
  • Laerite
  • Tomhelduf
  • Fyid

Touristic Advert[edit | edit source]