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This module adds a wide range of features to Minecraft's cauldrons, ranging all the way from tier IV potions to magical gear and drinkable wormholes. Zauber Cauldrons acts as a complete package and adds a whole new branch of magic to your game!

Zauber Cauldrons
Module TypeStand Alone
Created byBloo
Last Updated byBloo
Complementary ModulesZauber Liquids
Compatible MC Versions1.15


Zauber Cauldrons are an expansion to the game's magic system, allowing the creation of stronger potions, magical armor, effect granting crystals, and bottled wormholes. Several features in this module are dependent on the world seed, changing recipes and encouraging players to experimentally discover exactly how to use the most powerful mechanics.


A Zauber Cauldron with some steam coming off of it.

A Zauber Cauldron is created by "bespelling a boiling cauldron by reading out of a spell book". Any water-filled cauldron with fire below it can be used, and any enchanted book will suffice. To "read" from the spell book, simply hold the enchanted book and stand next to the cauldron. The cauldron will begin to give off steam, indicating the newly formed Zauber Cauldron is ready for use.

A player creating a Zauber Cauldron


All Zauber Cauldron recipes are performed by dropping items into the cauldron. Once the proper ingredients are inside, the resulting item will form, consuming the ingredients and some water. To assist in the process, a player looking at a Zauber Cauldron will be unable to pick up items inside the cauldron until they look away.


All craftable tier IV potions.

Zauber Cauldrons can be used to strengthen any Tier II potion into a Tier IV potion. This recipe requires Prismarine Crystals, a Golden Apple, and a Tier II Potion.

Be cautious when performing these recipes. They all have a side effect, either to the recipe process or to the effects of the potion.

Potion Recipes
Product Recipe (Zauber Cauldron) Ingredients Side Effects
Potion of Strength IV (1:30)
Potion of Strength II + Golden Apple + Prismarine Crystals Ignites the area around the cauldron
Potion of Regeneration IV (0:22)
Potion of Regeneration II + Golden Apple + Prismarine Crystals Potion gains Speed III (0:16)

Emits a lingering wither cloud

Potion of Swiftness IV (3:20)
Potion of Swiftness II + Golden Apple + Prismarine Crystals Potion gains Weakness IV (6:00)
Potion of Healing IV
Potion of Healing II + Golden Apple + Prismarine Crystals Potion gains Nausea (0:08)

Emits a lingering death cloud

Potion of Poison IV (0:32)
Potion of Poison II + Golden Apple + Prismarine Crystals Summons cave spiders and cobwebs
Potion of Leaping IV (1:30)
Potion of Leaping II + Golden Apple + Prismarine Crystals Summons a Killer Rabbit
Potion of Harming IV
Potion of Harming II + Golden Apple + Prismarine Crystals Emits a lingering healing cloud
Any Splash or Lingering Potion + Golden Apple + Prismarine Crystals The Zauber Cauldron explodes

Advanced Reactants

Many advanced Zauber Cauldron recipes use "Enchanted Prismarine Shards" as an ingredient. Enchanting a Prismarine Shard requires 30 levels of experience.

Product Recipe (Zauber Cauldron) Ingredients Side Effects
Enchanted Prismarine Shard
Prismarine Shard Consumes 30 XP Levels off of the closest Player

Extraneous Ingredients

If any unneeded ingredients are added to a Zauber Cauldron during a crafting process, they will be transformed into "Possessed Items" — weaponless Vexes that pester the player before dying a few seconds later. Each excess item entity in the cauldron transforms into a single Possessed Item.

Possessed Items can be caught and stored by adding a glass bottle to the Zauber Cauldron, forming "Magic in a Bottle". These bottles are only stable if they contain a multiple of three Possessed Items, and will immediately shatter and release the Vexes contained within if this condition is not met. Otherwise stable Bottles of Magic also become unstable if they are left on the ground for too long, releasing the contained Vexes.

Product Recipe (Zauber Cauldron) Ingredients
Possessed Item

Zauber Recipe Ingredients.pngZauber Excess Ingredients.png

Possesed Item.png

Any Recipe + Excess Items
Magic in a Bottle
Zauber Recipe Ingredients.png
Zauber Excess Ingredients.png
Any Recipe + Glass Bottle + Excess Items[note 1]
Example Recipes involving Possessed Items
Possesed Item.png
Possesed Item.png Possesed Item.png
Possesed Item.png Possesed Item.png
Possesed Item.png
A set of Zauber Armor. Usage of mending and unbreaking is highly recommended.


Zauber Cauldrons can be used to infuse golden armor with certain items, forming "Zauber Armor". This gives the armor an extra effect and boosts its defense. This recipe requires any piece of Golden Armor, an Enchanted Prismarine Shard, and a Modifier Item corresponding to the desired armor effect.

The infusion process doesn't destroy enchantments or lore on the armor piece, but can't be done on a piece of armor that's already been converted into Zauber Armor.

Every piece of Zauber Armor also holds a decorative Attribute Called "+25% Magic."

Product Recipe (Zauber Cauldron) Ingredients
Zauber Armor Piece
Golden Armor Piece + Modifier Item + Enchanted Prismarine Shard
Armor Modifiers
Modifier Effect
Glistering Melon Slice +4 Max Health (2 Hearts)
Blaze Powder +35% Attack Damage
Rabbit's Foot +10% Speed
Eye of Ender +0.25 Knockback Resistance

Upgrading Golden Armor to Zauber Armor greatly improves its defense rating. A full set of normal Golden Armor gives the player 11 defense points, while a full set of Zauber Armor gives the player 17 defense points. This is about a 55% increase in defense. Additionally, each piece of Zauber Armor has an armor toughness of 3, heavily reducing damage from high-damaging attacks.

Zauber Armor Defense Values
Armor Piece Armor Value Armor Toughness Value
Helmet +3 Armor +3 Armor Toughness
Chestplate +7 Armor +3 Armor Toughness
Leggings +5 Armor +3 Armor Toughness
Boots +2 Armor +3 Armor Toughness
Full Set +17 Armor +12 Armor Toughness
The four Zauber Crystals: Fire Resistance, Resistance, Speed and Regeneration.


Crystals are an advanced alternative to potions that provide continual tier II status effects. This recipe requires a Sea Lantern, a Nether Star, and a Protection IV Enchanted Book.

Crystals are active when in the player's off-hand and require the Luck Effect

Crystal Recipes
Product Recipe (Zauber Cauldron) Ingredients Effect
Crystal of Speed
Sea Lantern + Projectile Protection IV Enchanted Book + Nether Star Speed II
Crystal of Resistance
Sea Lantern + Blast Protection IV Enchanted Book + Nether Star Resistance II
Crystal of Fire Resistance
Sea Lantern + Fire Protection IV Enchanted Book + Nether Star Fire Resistance II
Crystal of Regeneration
Sea Lantern + Protection IV Enchanted Book + Nether Star Regeneration II[note 2]


The Luck status effect, required for Zauber Crystals to function, can be obtained from a recipe involving "lucky" flowers. This recipe is seed-specific, and will vary from world-to-world, requiring the players to experiment and discover the ingredients themselves.

Each of the 12 small flowers[note 3] will either be "lucky" or "poisonous", and in order for the recipe to grant the luck effect, all the "lucky" flowers must be thrown into a Zauber Cauldron along with an Enchanted Prismarine Shard and, as the last item, a piece of cut Grass. If performed successfully, nearby players will be granted with a permanent Luck effect that lasts until death.

Product Recipe (Zauber Cauldron) Ingredients
All Lucky Flowers + Enchanted Prismarine Shard + Grass

If some of the lucky flowers are missing from the recipe, then nothing will happen and the ingredients can be retrieved. However, if a poisonous flower is added to the recipe, the cauldron will instead emit a poisonous cloud and transform all ingredients into Possessed Items.

By experimenting with each flower individually, one can determine which flowers are lucky and which are poisonous by recording which ones emit poison clouds when added to the recipe. [note 4]

Wormhole in a Bottle

Zauber Cauldrons can be used to create a powerful potion, the "Wormhole in a Bottle", that can teleport the drinker great distances instantly - even across dimensions. This recipe depends on the world-seed, and will be different for every world, encouraging the players to experimentally figure out the details of the ingredients.

This recipe requires an Enchanted Prismarine Shard, Magic in a Bottle, and some quantity of both Chorus Fruit and Popped Chorus Fruit. The destination of the wormhole will match the location where the vexes contained within the Magic in a Bottle were caught. The precise quantity of the Chorus and Popped Chorus Fruit changes from world-to-world, but will be between 1 and 64 for each. [note 5]

Product Recipe (Zauber Cauldron) Ingredients
Wormhole in a Bottle
Enchanted Prismarine Shard + Popped Chorus Fruit + Chorus Fruit + Magic in a Bottle

Wormholes explode when the drinker reaches their destination, damaging surrounding blocks but not harming the player. This explosion can be contained if the destination is within a Zauber Cauldron. In practice this means the cauldron used to create the Magic in a Bottle shouldn't be removed without blast-proofing the surrounding area.

If too few Chorus or Popped Chorus are used in the recipe, the resulting Wormhole will be "blurry", teleporting the player to random nearby location. Since this new location will likely not be inside a Zauber Cauldron, consuming the potion will usually cause an explosion at the destination.

If too many Chorus or Popped Chorus are used, the excess fruit will transform into Possessed Items which will attack the player. The Wormhole will be perfectly precise however, without any randomness in its destination.

The precise amount of Chorus Fruit, the quantities that will neither create a blurry wormhole nor summon vexes, can be determined via experimentation and testing. One common experimental method involves counting the number of Possessed Items that are summoned, which is the number of excess Chorus Fruit that was used, and reducing the input number of fruit by that quantity until a precise Wormhole is produced.

Placeholder Image for a Zauber Cauldron heated by Soul Fire

Soul Fire[note 6]

Heating a Zauber Cauldron with Soul Fire instead of ordinary Fire will alter the nature of any potion created by the cauldron, allowing a single bottle to be consumed multiple times. These "Ghostly" potions contain 3 doses of whatever their effect is.[note 7]


Advancement Description Requirement
Potion Chef Create a Zauber Cauldron Hold an enchanted book and look at a zauber cauldron
Underated Materials Suit up with a full suit of Zauber Armor. Equip zauber armour in all 4 armour slots
Soup Kitchen Magician Where did my lunch go? Stand near a rabbit when it teleports in a zauber cauldron
Questionable Ingredients Just like the Rabbits! Use a Wormhole in a Bottle
Clean Plate Club Take the third sip out a single bottle Drink the last dose of a Ghostly potion

Technical Details

Potion Clouds

The wither cloud produced from a Regeneration IV potion is 1.8 blocks in radius, and will slowly shrink to nothing in 7.5 minutes. It inflicts a Wither 6 for 64 seconds and Instant Damage 2 every 2 seconds. Each dose consumes 0.01 of the clouds radius, meaning 180 entities would need to enter the cloud to fully consume it before it dissipates.

The death cloud produced from a Healing IV potion is 2.1 blocks in radius, and shrinks to nothing over the course of 3.5 minutes. It inflicts Instant Damage 9 for 2 seconds, or 54 health (27 hearts) of damage every tick for 40 ticks. To survive the effect the player would require 1080 hearts in total. The cloud has 3 doses of potion, meaning it can kill 3 mobs before dissipating.

The healing cloud produced from a Harming IV potion is 1.25 blocks in radius, and does not shrink. It grants Instant Healing 3 (6 hearts) every second, and has 14 doses of potion, after which the cloud disappears.

Crafting Optimizations

Crafting checks are ran in stages to minimize passive lag:

First off, only Cauldrons with a valid structure - meaning a fire block beneath and water - are considered valid for crafting checks.

Once the module has found a Zauber Cauldron that's ready for crafting checks, the module checks for so called "identifier Items". These are items that are unique to a recipe category, e.g. prismarine crystals for the Category "potions". Once such an item is found the module will start to go through all the entries for a recipe Category. These are specified within the <category folder/<category name>.mcfunction, E.g. Potions/Zauber_Potions.mcfuntion. At this point the function checks for a second order identifier item, e.g. a speed potion, which is again unique within the category. Once that is found a function unique for the actual recipe checks for all the items that all recipes of the category have in common (e.g. golden apples for potion recipes) and then summons the output item.

Wormhole Blurriness

A blurry wormhole shifts the destination coordinates by adding random numbers to each coordinate. Typically, the coordinates remain within 12 blocks of the original cauldron coordinates, but in theory could be shifted as far 99 blocks in any given direction.

Learn More and Download

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Version Date Change
1.11 19 Dec 2016 Released Zauber Cauldrons
1.12 10 Jun 2017 Updated for 1.12 command format
1.13 19 Nov 2018 Updated for 1.13
Added "Potion Chef," "Underated Materials," and "Soup Kitchen Magician" advancements.
24 Dec 2018

Vexmas Update

Added Magic in a Bottle and Wormhole in a Bottle
Added "Questionable Ingredients" advancement.
Converted Item Names to json and fixed selectors.
1.15 8 Apr 2020 Zauber Cauldrons was installed on Public Server 6
1.15[note 8] 24 Apr 2020 Installed a preview of the upcoming 1.16 update on Public Server 6
Added multi use potions and wormholes
Added "Clean Plate Club" advancement

Previous Versions

MC 1.11-1.12 Versions

Many of this modules features have been added and changed over time. Prior to 1.13, the module did not have Wormholes, Magic in a Bottle, Possessed Items, or Soul Potions. The Luck Recipe required the player to be wearing full Zauber Armor, and did not change with the world seed. Instead, the duration of the luck effect depended on the number of flowers thrown into the cauldron. With all 10 flowers, the luck would last 100 minutes. Crystals would also function from anywhere in the players inventory.Template:Fix/category[citation needed]

Pre-1.13 versions of Zauber Cauldrons employed an additional step in the one-click installation where the user needed to click a sign. This was used as part of a workaround to get the section sign into certain command blocks, allowing for lore to be formatted and colored to appear as if it were potion effect information and attributes.

There also existed an additional version of Zauber Cauldrons exclusive to the Hermitcraft GM4 server, which contained features such as Haste Potions, Blood Moons, and a series of Magic Swords.


  1. Must be a multiple of 3
  2. Even though this is Regeneration II, this is stronger than Regeneration II since the effect is renewed every 14 seconds.
  3. Excluding the Wither Rose
  4. On PS6 the lucky flowers are; poppies, dandelions, blue orchids, white tulips, red tulips, pink tulips, oxeye daisies, and lilies of the valley.
  5. In PS6 the precise amount of popped chorus fruit is 4. The correct amount of chorus fruit is 35.
  6. Upcoming 1.16
  7. Until 1.16 on PS6, "Ghostly" potions can be obtained by placing Soul Sand 3 blocks below a Zauber Cauldron
  8. Development Version preparing for 1.16 features.