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This is the user page of Former Wiki-Administrator ToffeeMax.

Other namesToffee
Known forCo-Community Manger of Gamemode 4

Community Manager at Tempest Box

Moderator on Gamemode 4

About ToffeeMax

ToffeeMax is a Former Wiki Administrator, Moderator and Community Manager for the Gamemode 4 Project. ToffeeMax has been a member of the Gamemode 4 Community since Public Server 1.

ToffeeMax is British and lives somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Community Projects

ToffeeMax has been involved with a variety of community projects during his time within the Gamemode 4 Community.

What's on Gamemode 4?

Found on blogspot, What's on Gamemode 4 was aimed to be a source of community generated information and content around the Gamemode 4 Project and the public servers. The projected originated from "The 4th Perspective" project, a similar project from Public Server 4 (Gamemode 4D) which had a more satirical nature. The Projected started covering news late into Public Server 5 and the beginning of Public Server 6.

TradeMode4 and Shulker Box Central

Originating from Public Server 4 (Gamemode 4D) and a desire to share what trades were on offer