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akr started watching the Gamemode 4 series from the very first video about Bat Grenades in 1.8, and the Custom Crafters module is what really got her interested in the sort of principles applied by the module collection. She joined every public server, but only started playing actively on Gamemode 4D.

Other namesWorld_Bender (Minecraft)
OccupationGamemode 4 Player
Years active2014-present

Teleportation Potions

In 1.10 or 1.11, akr worked on a module that, while in development, was called "Teleportation Potions." This module was meant to be an expansion for Zauber Cauldrons that added an expensive recipe to create a potion that teleported the imbiber to a location stored on a special book. Rather than store an armor stand at the destination (which would not work due to the chunk being unloaded), the destination was stored in binary form within the potion. This NBT was then read to teleport the player to the intended location. Obviously, having to do this many player serializations for every player (to get the 58 NBT values) every few ticks (to catch the player drinking the potion before the NBT is gone) was quite impractical, so the module was never submitted despite being completed.

The location finding and recalling mechanism was derived from the same thing Orbis used in 1.8 to find chunk boundaries (an armor stand checked its global coordinates and found the corner of the chunk by using modulus 16). However, having to use this method on the potion, special book, and a marker entity made the module take even more one clicks than the base module of Orbis, even for such a simple purpose.

XP Storage 1.12

akr and Hero29 updated XP Storage for 1.12 and submitted it to the appropriate place for 1.12 module updates. The module had not been updated since 1.8, so this version came with some changes like every module upgrading to the 2.0 standard.

akr removed the restriction that higher levels will be treated like a lower level when placing it into storage by doing some math in the scoreboard. This had the side effect of making the module more compact. Additionally, one could now crouch while underneath the ender chest to receive their XP at a much faster rate.

Unfortunately, this version of the module was never added to, so here is its one click:

also doesn't shut up