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Denniss render.png
Other namesDennis
OccupationGamemode 4 Moderator
Years active2015-present

About Denniss

Hi, I'm Denniss! I started playing on the Gamemode 4 Public Servers near the end of Public Server I. I joined the Staff team in June 2016 as a Community Moderator and I was promoted to a Moderator in November 2017.

As Gamemode 4 Moderator I'm mostly helping with moderation of the public server, besides playing on there myself.

Gamemode 4 Modules Created by Denniss

Chairs: Allows stair blocks to be turned into chairs for the player to sit on

Crossbow Cartridges: Allows players to shoot different items from a crossbow

Soul Glass: Adds soul glass to reverse beacon effects


Discord Tag: Dennis#8458

Twitter: @Dennis2p_