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Allows for automated tinkering of items as an extension of block compressors.

Gamemode 4 Module
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Module TypeReliant
Created bySirSheepe_
Required ModulesBlock Compressors Metallurgy
Compatible MC Versions1.14


Items which can be combined by the Tinker shamir which pass over a Tinkering Compressor will be converted into or out of block form. As many items as possible will be converted, no matter the stack size, so a stack of 64 will convert to 7 blocks, leaving 1 item behind, while a stack of 9 will convert to just 1 block immediately


The advancements added by the module should be listed with the requirement needed to gain the advancement. Use where applicabl

Advancement Description Requirement
Automatic Tinkering Make yourself a tinkering compressor Create a tinkering compressor (see below)


Start by creating a block compressor. Throw a Tinker shamir on top of the block compressor, and use a piston to "smoosh" the shamir into the compressor. Setup shown below: [1]

Upon creation, it will look like this: [2]

Place 64 items into the tinkering compressor to set it to tinkering mode. It will then perform the same function as Tinker would on a tool, by compressing anything that is thrown onto it into a block. It will only compress it once, and must be picked up by a player or hopper before any tinkering compressor can interact with it again.

Placing 1 item into the tinkering compressor will set it into detinkering mode, and the reverse operation will be completed.

Upon breaking the compressor, you will receive all of the items that it took to create the tinkering compressor, (everything that you get from a block compressor, plus the shamir).