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== Usage ==
== Usage ==
<pre>{{UserLink | actual page link | }}</pre>or<pre>{{UserLink | actual page link | shown link}}</pre>
<pre>{{UserLink | actual page link}}</pre>or<pre>{{UserLink | actual page link | shown link}}</pre>
Example usage:
Example usage:

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Using this template, you can create a link to a user page, if a page exists. If the user has a different name, a second name can be listed to rename the link.


{{UserLink | actual page link}}


{{UserLink | actual page link | shown link}}

Example usage:

{{UserLink | Bloo | Bloo___}}
{{UserLink | Dennis | Denniss}}
{{UserLink | ZombiesOnTheBus}}


Bloo___ Denniss ZombiesOnTheBus