Soul Glass

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Soul Glass
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Module TypeStand Alone
Created byBluePsychoRanger, Dennis, Lue
Compatible MC Versions1.15

This module allows you to smelt soul sand into soul glass to corrupt beacon effects!


Soul glass can be placed directly on top of a beacon to reverse its effects. If placed above any block that is not a beacon, it will immediately pop off as an item. Breaking the soul glass block will not return it as an item, so the only way to retrieve a soul glass block is to remove the beacon below it.


To obtain soul glass, smelt a block of soul sand in a blast furnace[Note 1]. It will take 40 seconds to smelt a piece of soul sand into soul glass. This is equivalent to burning one coal.


Every 4 seconds a soul glass block will update. During this block update, it will check the beacon below it to reverse the effects if not already reversed and apply effects to players.

If the soul glass is pushed by a piston away from the beacon, the original effects of the beacon will be restored. Pulling the soul glass back to its original location will once again corrupt the effects.

Below is list of the reverse effects for each beacon effect.

Original Beacon Effect Corrupted Effect
Speed Slowness
Haste Mining Fatigue
Resistance Glowing
Jump Boost Slow Falling
Strength Weakness
Regeneration Poison

Technical Details

Smelting soul glass rewards the furnace with 1.0 experience.

When the soul glass is pushed away from its original location, it cannot corrupt any other beacons. The soul remains at its original location and cannot be moved.


Advancement Description Requirement
Clever Crafting Build yourself a Custom Crafter with droppers and a crafting table. Create a custom crafter

Learn More and Download

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Version Date Change
1.15 16 Mar 2020 Released Soul Glass

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