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The following information is based on player speculation and may be incorrect.

Each spawn town in PSV has a broken portal.



Primed portal with runes.

The portal frame is built out of various stones, including cobblestone walls, and different types of stone bricks. There is a visible input slot, marked as a dark hole in the bottom right corner in the front of the portal. If the portal is primed, runes will appear around the frame.

Input Slot

Input Slot with incorrect item

The portals have a single input slot. Items can be inputted by right-clicking the slot, or by dropping items into it. Only certain fuel items and a Heart of the Town will be accepted into the input slot. Upon placing the item into the slot, it will be consumed into the portal.


Portal Output

On the left side of the portal, there is a chiseled stone brick that acts as an output indicator. A comparator can be used to detect how much fuel is currently in the portal. There is also a output chiseled stone brick on the right side of the portal which outputs a signal when the portal is activated. The signal of the right output is dependant on what the destination is shown in the table below.

Spawn Town Biome Signal Strength
Beach 1
Mountains 2
Savanna 3

Activating the Portals

Choosing Location

To prime a portal, a Heart of the Town must be placed into the input slot. When a portal is primed with a Heart of the Town, runes will appear on the portal frame. Which ever Heart of the Town is inserted will be the portal it is linked to.

Only one portal needs to select a destination in order for the portals to activate.

Below is a list of the Heart type and the corresponding spawn town link.

Coral Type Spawn Town Biome
Fire Savanna
Tube Mountains
Horn Beach


Powering a portal requires an ender pearl, eye of ender, enchanted book, or phantom membrane to be inserted into the portal. Both sides need to be fueled in order for the portals to activate.

It appears a phantom membrane will make the portal last six times as long as if an ender pearl was used. The relative fuel values for other fuels are unknown.

Activated Portals

Once activated, the portals will allow players and other entities to teleport to the other portal. Both portals can be entered to travel back and forth to the corresponding linked portal.

The power of both portals is added together and then split evenly between them upon portal activation. Both portals will deactivate simultaneously once their fuel runs out.

There is no other known way to deactivate a portal at this time.