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{{Public Server Description| |8th|9 April 2021}}
{{Public Server Description||7th|9 April 2021}}

{{Player Ranks}}
{{Player Ranks}}
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== Installed Modules ==
== Installed Modules ==
{| class = wikitable
! colspan = 2 | Installed Modules
! Pre-Generated
| [[Smelteries]]
| [[Tunnel Bores]]
{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" role="presentation"
| - [[Dangerous Dungeons]]
| - [[Tower Structures]]

=== Seed Random Values ===
=== Seed Random Values ===

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Public Server is the 7th public Gamemode 4 server to give fans of Gamemode 4 a vanilla survival server to play with Gamemode 4's many modules (a list of this server's included modules is provided below). The server officially opened on 9 April 2021.

All players are expected to know and abide by a set of rules listed on the official Gamemode 4 website. Failure to do so could result in punishment.

Player Ranks

There are four player ranks on the server. Ranks are not progression-based, nor do ranks confer additional survival features.

  •  Donor  - Donors have a gold-coloured name. One-time donors receive this rank for a month, patrons (pledged via Patreon) of the server have the rank until the end of their patronage. Donors can nickname themselves with the command /nick [name], reset with /resetnick, and their real usernames can be found with /realname [nickname].
  •  M Moderator  - Indicated by a red "M" in front of their names, Moderators can check for griefers and thieves on a server, teleport to players in need, and rollback damage. These are assigned by the Admins.
  •  M System Admin  - Indicated by a green "M" in front of their names, They can do everything the Moderators can do but also help with the upkeep of the server.
  •  A Admin  - Indicated by a red "A" in front of their aqua-coloured names, Admins are responsible for the running of the server. They have operator permissions, and can add, modify, or remove Gamemode 4 modules.


Installed Modules

Installed Modules Pre-Generated
Smelteries Tunnel Bores

Seed Random Values

Significant Dates and Moments

Date Moment
31 March 2021 Public Server 10 Open Beta opened
2 April 2021 Public Server 10 Open Beta closed.